Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Submissions, Documents, Etc.

We are receiving a great response so far about the event in December and great interest in the blog. We hope people will contribute and we encourage you to email submissions or to leave public comments. If you would like to submit, please email us at olsonnow followed by the at symbol at gmail dot com. Our first submission is from Clayton Eshleman: Notes on Charles Olson and the Archaic, a talk he gave in Buffalo in 2003. Because of the length of this piece and the formatting issues involved in reproducing Olson's poems on the page, we have set up a Documents page at the Electronic Poetry Center, where you can download the paper as a pdf. Thanks to Charles Bernstein for providing the space! The link to the documents page is at the top of the links list to your right.

More to come soon!

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Stephen Baraban said...

Thanks very much for the Eshleman piece--it truly engages with matters at the core of Olson's work.

I had been worried when all this OlsonNow activity was first announced that there might be very little of such engagement. Like it would be mainly another "Poetry Is News" shindig. For one thing, the lead of your announcement revolved around 30 years of overt and covert wars, when, as you know, Olson said almost as little about Vietnam as did Bob Dylan. So we don't know what O. would say about the wars, but he sure would be crawling the walls about this Age of Aquirius nation of cubicle rats!