Wednesday, March 11, 2009


From Henry Ferrini:

When Charles Olson wrote about television, he spelled it “tell-a-vision." Filmmakers Henry Ferrini and Ken Riaf surpass the challenge of creating a vision of this giant and his ideas in cinematic form while expanding our awareness of how much the universal is contained in the local. For Olson, the local was Gloucester, Massachusetts, the polis (a body of citizens in a particular place) that shaped his life and poetry while creating a unique vision of America. It airs on selected PBS stations during National Poetry Month.

3/30 9:00pm New Jersey Network –2
4/1 8:00pm New Jersey Network –2
4/1 8:00PM Iowa PTV World 3
4/2 8:00pm Prairie Public, Fargo ND
4/3 2:00am KET-1, Kentucky
4/3` 9:00pm S. Oregon Public TV
4/4 2:00am Prairie Public, Fargo ND
4/5 3:30pm KACV Amarillo,TX
4/5 4:00pm Detroit PTV
4/5 7:00pm WGBH-Boston, MA
4/5 8:00pm WKAR-E. Lansing MI
4/7 7:00pm Ozarks PTV-KOZK, Springfield, MO
4/8 11:000pm WCVE, Richmond, VA
4/10 10:00pm WGCU- Ft. Myers, FLA
4/11 6:00pm WGCU-Ft. Myers, FLA
4/11 8:00pm WVIA-Pittston,PA
4/12 9:00pm WVIA-Pittston,PA
4/11 9:00pm S. Oregon Public TV
4/12 11:00pm WSIU-Carbondale
4/13 9:00pm Rhode Island PTV
4/13 10:30 WCNY-Syracuse, NY
4/15 8:00pm KMOS- Warrensburg MO
4/15 10:00pm KVCR-San Bernardino, CA
4/19 1:00pm WGBY- Springfield, MA
4/22 11:00pm KCSM - San Mateo
4/24 2:30am WNET, NYC
4/24 12:00pm KCTS-Seattle
4/24 1:00pm WHYY-Phila
4/24 8:00pm WDSC-Daytona, Fla
4/26 7:00pm CET-Cincinnati
4/26 8:00pm Utah Edu. Network, Salt Lake
4/28 midnight KTEH, San Jose/San Francisco
4/29 10:00pm VermontPTV
4/29 11:00pm KUAT Tucson
4/30 8:00pm WGCU-Ft. Myers