Monday, October 17, 2005


Olson now is turning in his grave at the crossroads of the (American) path not taken.

André Spears, Paris, Oct 21st.

resonating from a field south of the broken whale’s jaw
a berry patch of cattle dreams
he saved

Craig Stormont, Long Island, NY

Olson is everywhere now! I am in Amsterdam....

John Sinclair

as of this moment, i have no idea, last time i saw him, he was riding across the Atlantic on the pillion seat of Rainer Maria Gerhardt's motorcycle, singing: Here I am, with Our Lady of Good Voyage, again.

Stefan Hyner; Rohrhof, Rhine Valley, Kurpfalz, Germany.

Olson is still waiting to be understood.

Amiri Baraka , Newark, NJ , Oct 05

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